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Spiders are one of the hardest pests to control. These arachnids like to hide in cracks and crevices that you just can't get to, and they are mostly nocturnal. That means they are active when you are sleeping! The best way to reduce a spider population is to reduce the food source. That means we have to get rid of all your other bugs first, and spiders are usually the last to go. This calls for a full home treatment program to effectively control this pest.

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Spider Transfer Effect
Removal Of The Food Source

You have to remove the food source to effectively control spider populations. This means we have to treat the entire home for not just spiders, but other creepy crawly pests as well. By removing the food source, spiders will venture farther from thier harborage and have a greater chance of coming in contact with our pesticides.

Spider Bait
Treatment Of THE ATTIC

Treatment of the baseboards, around windows and the ceiling corners are important, but the attic is often overlooked. The attic is a main harborage point for spiders, and must not be forgotten. We have a variety of treatment options to erradicate spiders in the attic areas.

Spider Control
Treatmet Of EAVES

There are two main entry points for spiders on the exterior of the home. Around the foundation, where they can crawl into brick weep holes, or under the siding. The other entry point is around the eaves vents. These two locations provide shelter and an easy access to the exterior for hunting. We use a variety of spider control methods to ensure your home is locked down tight.

Spider treatments that work.

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