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Fleas are a nasty pest to have. They bite our pets, they bite us and they carry disease. Worst of all, they multiply very quickly! A small flea infestation can turn into a major one in a short amount of time. To achieve proper control, they have to be eliminated at the source. The home has to be treated, the yard has to be treated, and any animals should be flea dipped as well. Advantage Pest Control can put it's knowledge to work for you, and remove even the thoughest flea infestation.

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Fleas In Carpet
vacuum for fleas

Fleas will live anywhere, but they especially like carpet. They like to get down between the fibers and lay eggs. It is very important to vacuum before the initial treatment, and every day afterwards for two full weeks.

Flea Dip
protect your pets

We ask that you have your pets flea dipped at the same time we treat your home. It is very important to take the food source away from the fleas. If they can't feed, they can't lay eggs.

Flea Harborage
keep the yard tidy

Tall grass, excessive brush and leaf piles are all great harborages for fleas. These types of areas create breeding grounds for the fleas to flourish in. Keep the grass neatly trimmed and fleas won't want to live in your yard.

Flea treatments that work.

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