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Roach Control is tricky, and it takes a professional who knows about the behaviors, habitats and proper control strategies that deal with these pests. It also takes professional strength pesticides and baits to reduce the population. Advantage Pest Control has the experience you need to provide results, and eliminate your roach infestation!

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Roach Transfer Effect
The Transfer Effect

Roaches spend up to 80% of their time in a harborage. A professional pesticide provides a long term residual with a transfer effect. This means that when a roach crawls through the chemical, it picks it up and brings it back to the nest.

Roach Bait
The Bait

Baits are the best way to control roaches in sensitive areas inside the home. Adult roaches will venture out to forage for food, and they will pick up the baits and bring it back to the young inside the harborage.

Roach Control
The Sanitation

Sanitation is key is controling roaches. They will eat almost anything! When you remove the food sources, they will venture out of the harborage which and come in contact with the chemicals. They will also be more likely to eat the baits.

roach treatments that work.

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